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Watch the
Balmain Candidates Forum

Candidates for the seat of Balmain address issues of concern to Christians ahead of the NSW state election on 25 March 2023.

Featuring Freya Leach (Liberal), Kobi Shetty (Greens) and Philippa Scott (Labor).

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There was a forum featuring the candidates for Balmain on Thursday 16 March 2023, hosted by the churches of our electorate.

Kobi Shetty (Greens), Philippa Scott (Labor) and Freya Leach (Liberal) gave presentations and answered questions on a range of issues of concern to Christian people in the electorate (like affordable housing, poker machines, scripture in schools and religious freedom

It is the teaching of Jesus that the leaders of a country should be it’s servants, not only in name but in substance.

In Australia, we take it for granted that our government ministers (another word for servants) should serve our best interests and are at fault when they do not.

But that is a historical curiosity which would have produced belly laughs in ancient times.

This ethic of public leadership in Australia (and NSW), of self giving service is patterned on Jesus, who contrary to the cultural trends of his day said ‘whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant…and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.’

We are thankful that Philippa, Kobi and Freya are offering to serve us and am grateful that they have been prepared to subject themselves to scrutiny on Thursday night and through this election process.

The format was:

1. A five minute presentation from each candidate,

2. Set questions (two min time limit),

3. Questions from the floor (one min time limit).

More information about the state seat of Balmain here.
If you do not live in the Balmain electorate, you can find events for other electorates here.

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